Mykonos is somewhere I've always wanted to go (along with many other Greek islands). I think I’d always put off visiting as I'd heard its very expensive and touristy. When I visited, I didn’t want to stick to a backpacker's budget. For me, it was a place where I dreamed of being in a white stone villa in the hills, with a pool and a gorgeous sea view. I couldn’t help but think it would be too expensive and I’d have to save up a fortune until I could afford it.

Saying this, I actually had the complete opposite experience. It was a matter of researching and booking a flight as early as possible prior to the trip. I had my eye on a lot of luxury hotels but the prices for 5 nights were looking like £800+ each (for me and Cameron) which was just not possible and almost as much as our rent for the month.

On, we narrowed the search to places with a pool, close to the town centre, with a kitchen and breakfast included. Ta-da! We found a newly opened hotel called Aletro Cottage Houses. It was affordable, chic, and the very few reviews it had were incredible, so I waved my luxury suites goodbye and cut down the price by more than half. We definitely made the right choice as Aletro Cottage Houses felt like luxury.

I would highly recommend this accommodation for it’s service and it's style. We had an apartment with a kitchen so that we could save money by eating in most nights. There was a buffet breakfast included in the price, a shared pool area and a small bar serving lunch, snacks and drinks during the day.

Of course we lounged by the pool most days, but boy was Mykonos windy! We visited the first week of May and it had just begun to warm up but it wasn’t quite there yet. With highs of 21 degrees and sometimes winds of 25mph, our flight was actually diverted to Athens on the first evening because the winds were too strong to safely land in Mykonos haha. Better safe than sorry! Anyway, make sure you wear SPF even in the wind because we didn’t feel the burn at all - we definitely felt it later.

A huge plus of the accommodation was definitely the sunset view over the pool and sea. So dreamy.

We had a private cottage past the pool area, right at the back of the property. It felt very secluded so even though you share common spaces with other guests, we definitely had privacy and our own outdoor area too.

The hotel was around a half an hour walk down a donkey trail to the Old Town. Definitely worth it for the views but not heel friendly! Me and Cameron love to walk on holidays (..definitely has nothing to do with the fact that neither of us have learnt how to drive), but we felt that the streets in Mykonos weren’t too safe to walk on. There were no pavements and lots of winding roads, so we had to be extra careful and walk in single-file lol - school trip vibes.

We finally arrived at the Old Town and it was gorgeous, like something out of a movie. Everything was white, and the bougainvillea that surrounded the buildings were so pretty. It was still out of season so not very busy at all! Although we still sometimes had to wait for people to get out of the shot in these photos. Also, like most Old Town’s in Europe, there were cats EVERYWHERE. And cactus too, if you like cactus and cats like me, you'll love it here.

Keep scrolling to see more photos of the Old Town (and of some cats too, of course).

Outfit: Dress is Realisation Par, earrings are & Other Stories, sandals are Hermes.

Now onto food! We ate out twice in 5 days and both times were in the Old town.

Pepper was the perfect lunch spot for us. Tucked into the side of the cobbled streets, you can still enjoy the beauty of Mykonos Old Town with souvlaki in your hands. We had a souvlaki each (mine was veggie) and shared oregano and feta loaded fries which were amazing. Reasonably priced too if you go for just the souvlaki and a side, rather than the full meal.

Kitchen Lab also does great coffee and light meals. Also - I didn't take a picture of this, but head to il forno di Gerasimo (an Artisan bakery) for Greek pastries and baklava - mmmm.

For dinner, we were recommended Alegro by the owners of Aletro Cottages (come to think of it, Alegro sounds a lot like Aletro…). This restaurant had a gorgeous sea view. We ordered calamari and grilled talagani cheese - which in my opinion, tasted better than halloumi (controversial, sorry). We also shared the grilled octopus for a main which was divine.

Overall I think we visited Mykonos at the perfect time. It wasn’t busy at all and the weather was getting warmer. When visiting a place so popular like this for the first time, I always aim to go in the shoulder seasons like May or September. I would love to go back and try more food, see more of the island and the beaches, go to a few bars etc. but we took the trip easy and definitely felt super relaxed and recharged afterwards (without breaking the bank).

Below I’ve shared a few photos of my outfits because I got a lot of questions on these!

Outfit: Top from Halle the label, skirt from With Jean, sandals from Hermes.

Outfit: Dress from Realisation Par, sandals from Hermes.

Outfit: Swimsuit from H&M, sunglasses from MVMT - you can get 15% off anything on MVMT using my code HANNAMAJIC15

I hope you enjoyed reading! Please let me know if you have any questions or recommendations for my next visit.

Hanna xxx

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