I'd been to the Amalfi Coast before, but it was a school trip so it didn't really count. I'm sure I don't need to explain my reasoning for visiting again. It's one of the most beautiful places in the world, not to mention one of the most popular tourist destinations of all time.

As I'm sure you know (or hey, you may not know), taxis in Italy are extortionate! We paid €110 for a transfer from the airport to our hotel, Calanteluna Relais in Praiano. This was actually a good price as well, as our hosts organised it for us with a slight discount. It took around 2 hours to get to Praiano.

We arrived at our hotel, which had quite a few steps to get up. In the hot weather it's very tiring, but so worth it for the view. We were welcomed with home made lemonade and a jam tart and given tips on where to eat, where to go and how to get there. It's a family owned place with plenty of charm and love put into it.

We booked the double room (it was called M'ILLUMINO D'IMMENSO on their website or Airbnb listing). With this, we expected the amazing balcony view as the pictures showed but then were surprised with a private terrace. The apartment was absolutely gorgeous and definitely one of the most memorable and amazing I'd ever stayed at.

There was no pool, but there was a jacuzzi on the shared terrace downstairs, and an outdoor shower on our private terrace which was great for cooling down.

The outdoor spaces were so beautiful, we spent most of our time here. To be honest, getting anywhere involved a lot of stairs in the heat, so we would go and do a big grocery shop in the morning and then rest at our lovely apartment during the day.

The sunset from our terrace was breathtaking. The view over Praiano and Positano in the distance was incredible and I'll never forget it. You could even see Capri in the distance.

The advantage of staying in Praiano over Positano was not only that it is less crowded and cheaper, but it also has more sunshine later on in the day whereas Positano is shaded from around 5pm during the summer.

Criscito’s pizzeria was the closest restaurant near by which had a huge variety of pizza and was very affordable (around €8 for a pizza).

Praiano seems like the answer to better value for your money compared to staying in Positano plus it’s only 10 minutes away by bus! Buses weren’t always on time but were never very late either. We never had any issues. You need to buy tickets in the tobacco shops which are usually around €1.30 each way but could depend on distance/destination.

Positano is 100% worth a visit and we would've stayed here if we had booked earlier (everywhere was booked very early before our trip) but we're glad we didn't because our hotel was amazing. We went to Positano one evening and also went there for dinner at Saraceno as we had 10% off as guests from Calatanteluna Relais.

The views at night time made we feel like I was in Santorini. It's so beautiful! We really enjoyed visiting Positano. It's great for shopping too.

The next day we took a public bus that was headed to Amalfi and got dropped off at Fiordo Di Furore - another spot I guarantee you've seen pictures of. We got here just after 10am and there weren't many people at all. The sun doesn't hit the beach until around 12pm and even then it doesn't stay out very long.

Definitely a highlight of our visit.

When we got back to Praiano it was a bit overcast, we we decided to walk to One fire beach whilst the sun wasn't out, just to check it out and see how far it was. It was a LONG walk down, and even longer back up the stairs. I wasn't overly impressed by it - it was quite dirty and the music was very loud. Maybe I would've liked it better if it was sunny I'm not sure haha.

Miranda bar was a spot of heaven on the walk back up - with amazing views and refreshments, with complimentary crisps to top it off, we recovered from the treacherous walk up from one fire beach.

Overall, we stayed in Praiano for 4 nights, so it was short and sweet. We'd love to come back and explore more of it. For example we didn't go to Capri because 1) it was quite pricey but 2) as we were short on time we didn't want to run here, there and everywhere. It was such a relaxing trip and I'd recommend Calanteluna Relais to anyone!

Thanks for reading, I hope you're planning your visit now! :)

Hanna xx

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