We spent 6 days in Lisbon, so I decided to split my blog post into two, just so you don't get bored ;) If you missed part one of my Lisbon blog, check it out by clicking here!

On day 3, after Pena Palace we took an Uber to Cascais (which is back towards Lisbon). This was only a 25 minute journey and cost around 15 euros. We were so ready for the beach!

Cascais is a beautiful and charming beach town, and like the rest of Portugal, the vibe was super laid back and relaxed. The people are so polite, friendly and everyone looks chilled! It really is such a refreshment when you compare it to our hectic life in London.

When we arrived at Cascais, we were pretty hungry and ate at restaurant called "Apeadeiro Restaurante" which was a local gem. We shared grilled and fried squid with a salad and fries which hit the spot. It was located within narrow streets surrounded by pastel coloured houses. So pretty!

We walked from the restaurant to the beach front to find this stunning rocky beach, and look at that house! Is that the dream home or what? It even had a staircase leading into the sea.

We didn’t settle here as we wanted a beach with sand. From there, we continued along the coast and discovered some more beaches – there were also loads of food trucks, with everything from vegan burgers, hot dogs to acai bowls, waffles, juices, cocktails and ice-creams.

One of the food trucks were a Santini’s icecream. We decided to try it here instead of in Lisbon as I’ve heard that one usually has a queue. I had nata and caramel flavour in a cone and Cameron had lemon and mango sorbet. So delicious, especially on such a hot day.

We settled at quite a busy but pleasant beach. Yay! Finally we were laying on a beach again, probably both of our favourite thing to do. I do have to say, the water was extremely cold. The kids playing in the water were brave Ill tell you that much!! It was great to cool down after sun bathing but it was so cold I just dipped in and out. Brrrr.

It was coming up to 6pm and we thought we should head home as it would take just under an hour. We headed to the train station and back to Lisbon. Cascais pleasantly surprised us. We definitely want to go back there and stay for longer! The duration on the train was about half an hour and cost around 2.5 euros.

On day 4, we headed to The Mill for brunch which they only served on the weekend so we couldn't miss it. It wasn't as good as we'd hoped, but nonetheless it was still nice. After breakfast, we walked to the LX factory and stopped at Avenida Infante Santo on the way and took some snaps. I love how colourful Lisbon is.

We arrived at the LX factory which is an old industrial complex which has a variety of vintage clothing and home stores, food, coffee and cake shops.

It was a Sunday and wasn't busy at all. Again, so refreshing for a Londoner when you compare it to Brick Lane or Camden! It was really hot that day.. we had a look around, got two pina colada’s and I got a beijinho at a Brazilian dessert shop called Brigadeirando.

As the LX factory was around a 35 min walk from our place, we got an uber back to Mercado Da Ribeira for some food. We ate from Oh Prego Da Peixaria – I got the salmon burger with sweet potato chips! It was delicious but way too much so we saved half of our meal for dinner, which tasted even better as leftovers heated up mmmm. We bought some more pastel de natas from Manteigaria, headed home and relaxed in the garden again. I need to get me a garden at home! Oh and sunshine please England.

On day 5, we got take away coffees from Hello Kristof, a Scandinavian coffee shop which had a really nice interior and damn good coffee, but a tad on the expensive side for Portugal.. more than £6 for 2 flat whites? Ouch. All in all we thought Portugal was very cheap, especially the ubers but it does depend on where you go!

After coffees and breakfast at home, we got ready and took the train to Belém. It was quite overcast and rainy this day. We stopped at Pasteis de Belém which is the first cafe to have ever served pastel de natas. We began to queue just before the queue behind us became huge! We were served in 10 minutes. To be honest, I think this cafe is popular for it's history...I actually preferred the tarts from Manteigaria, but that’s just me! Probably just because they are sweeter and I'm a sugar addict haha. We took some pictures around Belém.

After a wander around, we got the train back to the central station which is right outside Mercado Da Ribeira and went there to eat for the 3rd time mwahaha. This time I went for two different pizza slices at Pizza A Pezzi which were delicious and not too heavy. We walked back home as the sun disappeared and relaxed, watching the rain on our window and I edited some photos.

The rain stopped for the evening so we went out for a walk before dinner and took some photos. The light was wonderful.

I just happened to match the red tram ;)

On day 6, we had our flight at 4pm so went for a last walk in the sunshine.

We bought some pastel de natas from Manteigaria to take home to our friends and family, then picked up our suitcases from the Airbnb and called an uber to a place for lunch.. yes, you guessed it. Burgers again. Promise we will have more traditional Portuguese food on our next trip! We saved Ground Burger for the last day as it was around half way to the airport. It was absolutely amazing. We definitely saved the best until last!

Veggie approved! Cameron really enjoyed his meat burger too.

We were stuffed but satisfied and headed to the airport for our journey home.. we did not want to leave. We really enjoyed our time here and Portugal is definitely now up there with my favourite countries. Thanks for a wonderful 6 days!

Hope you enjoyed the read. Let me know if you have any suggestions/anything we missed for our next visit!

H xx

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