Lisbon! We booked this trip back in November, so we were very excited and impatient for the day to finally arrive. We got an Uber from the airport to our Airbnb right near the centre which costed around 15 euros. When we arrived, we were so chuffed. It was the nicest Airbnb we had ever stayed in! the host welcomed us with wine, pastel de natas and Sagres beer! They also left us fresh oranges and an orange juice maker! You can find our Airbnb here - we highly recommend it. The owners were so friendly and helpful, plus the location was amazing.

We also had a garden/patio so we sunbathed, ate lunch, got settled and headed out to explore our surroundings. It was a beautiful day. We couldn't wait to see what Lisbon had in store for us, including the amazing food we'd heard about.

I can say that Lisbon has very uphill/downhill streets so if you're not catching trams/ubers/taxis, make sure to wear comfy shoes! The sun was setting and so we headed from our area, Barrio Alto, to the lookout point in Alfama, called Miradouro Portas do Sol. Here are the sights we passed along the way.

And we made it!

There are a few cafe's up here where you can have a drink & some snacks whilst enjoying the view. Only one afternoon in Lisbon, we were already in love!

We headed back towards our apartment, passing through the centre and stopped in some shops before dinner. Pastelaria Alcôa immediately caught my eye. The detail in the exterior and interior of the shop was something else.

Everything looked delicious!! So of course we bought a few different pastries to try. They were amazing.

Just around the corner from Alcôa was a vintage traditional Portuguese shop I'd been wanting to visit, called A Vida Portuguesa – it's a great shop for gifts. Definitely worth checking out! So many vintage bar soaps and sardine tins, which by the way you will find all over Lisbon. I would've bought some if I liked sardines haha.

Located just next to A Vida Portuguesa was To B. Burger, where we had dinner. The veggie burger here wasn't great, plus they forgot to put tomato in mine :( However it filled us up after a long walk and was good enough! Plus the staff were super friendly. We had much better burgers in Lisbon still to come.

The next morning, we went to a nearby cafe just on our street called The Mill. The place was popular and staff were really welcoming. We were seated shortly. I had already eaten but Cameron had chicken, avocado & tomato on toast and really enjoyed it. Coffee here was great too and prices were cheap! Overall we were really were surprised and of course pleased by how much cheaper everything was in Portugal, especially breakfast and Ubers!

After breakfast, we took a walk while it was still early and took some photos. I love morning light, plus it's not too hot to walk around.

We walked to Mercado Da Ribeira - although we weren't hungry, we wanted to check it out. We had fresh juice and bought some pastel de nata's to take home from the amazing Manteigaria (we tried a few different places and these were the best, hands down). I also love how you are given sachets of cinnamon and icing sugar to sprinkle on your tart. I have to say these are one of the things we miss most. A pastel de nata accompanied by a coffee in the morning is a delicious treat and a great way to start your day. Yum!

The market is huge, with different food vendors selling traditional seafood, pizza's, risotto, pastas's, croquettes, ice creams, desserts.. everything! We knew we'd go back when we were hungrier.

Saying that, we did some shopping in the centre and couldn't ignore when our tummy's started to grumble. Don't judge us for having burgers again, but we did. This time we tried The B Temple Burger. I had the vegan burger and added extra cheese with fries, which was DELICIOUS!! I know I always say this, but it was genuinely one of the best veggie burgers I ever had. The restaurant was also laid out in a really cool way and had dungeon vibes. Trust me it was cool. Lighting was terrible at the back but it taste better than it looks. They also offer burgers with traditional Portuguese bread (bolo do caco), which my vegan burger came in. I thought this was a nice touch and really gave this burger joint an edge.

We went home, relaxed and sunbathed in the garden. Such a great addition to our already amazing Airbnb. We originally wanted to go to the beach this day but by the time we’d finished lunch it was almost 3pm so we decided to go the next day instead. We went for a walk around in the evening and got take away piadina’s from La Bottega Piadina. Mine had mozzarella, pesto, tomato and rocket. Yummy! Cameron had the same but with prosciutto. We also had a Nutella one that we warmed up in the microwave for dessert. So good.

The next day was a big one! We woke up early, got ready and called an Uber to UNESCO World Heritage site, Pena Palace in Sintra. We could have gotten the train but figured we would save time and hassle, plus the Uber from our place to the palace was only £25 for a 35 minute trip and took up right up to the palace, located past uphill winding roads. We would’ve had to get to the central train station, gotten the train, then figure out a way up to Pena Palace through bus, tuk-tuk or Uber. Also, we arrived when there was hardly a queue for Pena Palace and managed to make it before 10:30 where there was a happy hour deal (only 1 euro cheaper but STILL). When we left the palace around noon, the queue was huge!! So glad we got there when we did. It is probably the most beautiful palace id ever seen! So much colour and originality. The view from the top was also amazing. Here are our pictures from Pena Palace.

I hope you've enjoyed this post. Stay tuned for part two!

H xx

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