Me and my great friend Taffy hadn't seen each other in ages! A brunch & catch up was definitely due. When apart, we exchange photos of good-looking brunch daily, because we're self confessed foodies. I think that's why we're such good friends. Food really does bring people together!!

We thought, enough of drooling over pictures of NAC's ricotta pancakes with dulce de leche and banana, let's go and try them for ourselves!

I booked a table in advance which was definitely a good shout because we had one of the best tables in the restaurant, right by the window mwahaha. Good lighting and great for people watching. We both tried to order the pancakes each, but the waiter advised us to share them and order something else as it is way too much for one person. We exchanged a look like "Hmmmm. We think we can handle finishing a stack of pancakes, it wouldn't be the first time!". We secretly thought he was trying to get more money from us, but he was absolutely right.

We decided to share the acai bowl (which was the same price as the pancakes) so we could share both this and the pancakes and it was an excellent choice. A perfect mix of naughty and nice! Who can say anything about us finishing the massive stack of pancakes when we had an acai bowl too? Calories who? Bye! The pancakes were better than I imagined. Fluffy, not sickly sweet, and the dulce de leche was to die for.

I had such a lovely chat with Taffy about how our years have been. We hadn't seen each other since going to a Travel convention in Olympia in January. She had just finished university whereas I'm one year on from graduating and working full time. We caught up about our travels, personal projects, jobs and love lives over delicious food!

We decided to head to Shoreditch to check out Spitalfields market and Box Park.

I was saving room for dinner with my boyfriend and was stuffed from the pancakes, but Taffy fancied something sweet and couldn't resist a matcha and vanilla soft ice cream from Softservesociety with a charcoal cone. Yum!! She said it was absolutely scrumptious. Not too rich and sweet, but the perfect amount. They have loads of cool flavours such as berry candyfloss, honeycomb and sweet & salty popcorn - definitely worth checking out.

(This is just a random shop with a cute bench we used for some pics haha)

We wondered around Shoreditch and had fun taking some photos in front of street art. Shoreditch is full of it. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining! It made for some great shots.

We discussed the possibility of a short trip together later in the year for lots of fun, food, and photo taking :) Maybe Barcelona.. We have really similar interests so get along really well. I love to hang out with Taffy because she is so positive, funny and gives great advice!! I had such a lovely day and can't wait for our next adventure.

You can follow Taffy on Instagram or check out her Blog - I recommend it!

Thanks for reading!

H xx

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