Cala Goloritze is arguably the most beautiful beach in Sardinia. It's also one of the most difficult to reach. In this post I'll be sharing my tips on how to get there!

When I first found out about this place, there was no question. I had to go. I was excited to discover that it was on the East of Sardinia – reachable from Olbia and San Teodoro, where we were staying.

I looked at TripAdvisor reviews and I’m glad I did. Not only was the drive over 2 hours long, but this was only to a “nearby” carpark and would be followed by a 2 hour trek to Cala Goloritze.

The night before, we made sandwiches, packed snacks and put 10 water bottles in the freezer so that they kept cold all day. Cameron, the mad man, actually carried all of these in a backpack during the hike! But really, It’s so important that you pack water!! There are no water supplies/shops at the beach.

The next morning, we set off at 7:30am and had breakfast on the go. The drive was pleasant..then came a long windy road on the side of a steep mountain, lasting 45km. Props to my dad for dealing with this both on the way there and back!

We set directions to Su Porteddu Bar and carpark and arrived around 9:40am. On the way to the parking, you need to stop and pay for a ticket at the kiosk. This cost 6 euros. Also, bare in mind you can’t start the walk after 4pm.

We sat down for a coffee and water at the bar (p.s. they don’t serve food until midday), but didn’t stay too long as we wanted to start the hike as early as possible before it got too hot. Flip flops are not allowed, but rather, don’t do it to yourself. Wear proper, comfortable shoes and a hat as it was hard to find any shade along the walk.

There is a path to follow, but it’s very rock and sometimes very uphill/downhill. Make sure to stop and take water breaks. There were great views on the walk, but we always seemed so far from the end. We didn’t know when we would finally arrive! Kind of drives you crazy.

We left the bar around 10:15am and arrived at midday - that sweet first glimpse of the end and Cala Goloritze was one I'll never forget!! We made it!!

Of course after some snaps, we ran down the stairs to get there and handed our tickets to the beach staff at the entrance (nice to see this for safety & regulations). We were sweating buckets at this point (imagine hiking for 2 hours in 37 degrees!), stripped to our swimmers and ran into the water to cool down.

That feeling of jumping into that crystal clear, fresh blue water was absolutely incredible. Best. Moment. Ever. Once there, you completely forget about the drive and sweaty hike. 5 hours later, we were finally here. It was undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

It’s even better than the pictures. But, for such a difficult beach to get to, it was busier than I expected – then I saw all the boats arriving..why didn't I think of that?!

Here are our photos of the wonderful Cala Golortize.

(Also, tip! Don’t bother to carry a sun umbrella all the way down there! There is plenty of shade – and sunny spots too of course).

3 hours later came that dreaded moment… we all exchanged a look. It was time to head back as we all knew we had a long journey ahead.

I had one last swim, put my trainers back on and said farewell to Cala Goloritze – I’ll see you again in my dreams!!

So.. as you can imagine, walking back in the afternoon heat was gross. We took plenty of water breaks.. I’m not going to sugar coat this journey back (but it’s ok.. I’m over it..). I kept having to remind myself that it was worth it because I’m not going to lie.. I didn’t think I would make it through haha. Make stops every time your body tells you to! The heat exhaustion was real. Me and Cameron went ahead of my parents and made it back to the carpark in an hour and 40 minutes – not bad! Once again, we thought it would never end. It was pure torture. I closed my eyes and imagined swimming in the sweet sea at Cala Goloritze and made it through.

The first glimpse of the carpark was pure relief! We headed straight to the bar and ordered 2 cokes and 2 waters. Best drink of my life.

After my parents arrived, we shared some chips and a salad, then began the dreaded car journey back – on our way out, we passed these cutie pies!

Feeling car sick & exhausted from the heat on the ride home, I closed my eyes and smiled. It really was an amazing day and an experience I’ll never forget.

Thanks for reading, I hope I inspired you!

H xx

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