We arrived in Slovenia around 9pm on a Friday night after a long coach journey from Rovinj, Croatia. During the coach ride, my first impression was just pure surprise and amazement at how pretty Slovenia is. So green, surrounded by spectacular mountains, churches, trees and sooo clean! I know this sounds silly as Slovenia is directly between the two countries, but it reminded me of a mixture of Austria and Bosnia - but unique in it’s own special way.

We were welcomed by our Airbnb host and the apartment was so spacious and nice! Apartment goalsss. Click here to view our Airbnb. The location was absolutely perfect. A 5 minute walk from the town centre, Ljubljana castle, Tivoli Park, close to transport routes. The coach station/airport shuttle stop was also just 5 minutes away. It was really convenient as we were only staying there for 2 nights. As it was quite late, we went to the closest supermarket and bought stuff for dinner, breakfast and sandwich ingredients as we prepared for our big day on Saturday!

My cousin is actually studying Forestry in Slovenia (told you it was green!). The next morning, him and his girlfriend picked us up and we drove to Lake Bled.. the place you know by pictures but maybe not the name

It’s like a fairytale!! We walked up to the castle to get a better view and saw that they charge 10 euros for entry.. so instead we went around and there was actually some sneaky and very dodgy stairs on the side of the castle, leading to a cliff drop which gives you just as good of a view…do be careful if you take this route! We just didn’t want to pay 10 euros haha.

We stopped for a coffee before heading to Bohinj Lake. My cousin and his girlfriend told us that this lake is way better than Bled and off the beaten track. As amazing as the floating castle in the middle of Lake Bled was..I’ve got to give it to Bohinj.

Just..wow! There were beaches, mountains, forests and amazing still, crystal clear water. We wasted no time renting out paddle boards and off we went.

The wind picked up as we were turning back to return our paddle boards, which made coming back a bit of a nightmare haha. Ouch.. sore arms. I guess I could count that as a workout! After paddle boarding, we found a spot on the grass by the water and relaxed. We were exhausted! My cousin and his girlfriend, Maja practiced their gymnastics.. we were very impressed! Meanwhile we were stuffing our face with pombears and cookies haha.. sorry not sorry.

It was around 6pm and we headed back to Ljubljana. We had a quick shower and headed out for burgers at Pop’s Place.

I have been dying to try this place!! It definitely lived up to it’s expectations! I had the delicious Veggie burger of course and regular fries. Cameron had the Boss burger. It was right on the river too and we’re lucky we got a table! After dinner, we were recommended to try the pancakes at Romeo’s. Omg. Sugar overload. I had the Raffaelo pancake…trust me, only order ONE and share! They were sooo tasty but we were so full from the burgers we couldn’t finish them!

We walked through the town along the river back to our apartment for a good nights sleep before our last day in Ljubljana.

On Sunday morning, we realised we were yet to see the town.. in day light at least! We checked out at 11am, left our suitcases in the apartment building and headed to the centre. It was a beautiful day, 30 degrees and sunshine all round.

​We went for a coffee and smoothie at a café along the river and organised where and what we’d like to see on our last day. Everything was in reach and close by.

We went for a long walk around and also up to the castle.

​ It was veryyy hot on the walk up, then we realised we had to pay to go in…and.. yeah. We didn’t want to haha. But we did get some nice views!

We headed down and went to the pivo (beer) and burger festival which was on all weekend. Talk about good timing! Yes it was meat and beer packed.. but luckily there was an ‘Organic Garden’ stool which is a veggie and fish burger place in Ljubljana. I went for the black bun salmon burger which was absolutely mouth-watering. It felt so fresh and didn't make me feel sluggish afterwards. Wish we had it in London!

It was nice to sit in the shade with our burgers and drinks. The vibe was so chilled. There was music and lots of people just having a good time.

After the burgers, we were so full we had to walk it off.. plus I insisted that we do so that I could have room to try cacao icecream. I don’t have a picture of it (I've given up trying to get the perfect picture of ice creams..it's melting, people!) but it was delicious! I ate it whilst we walked to Tivoli park. It was only 2:30pm and our airport shuttle bus (GoOpti - really cheap and quick) wasn’t until 7:30pm. It was so hot at this point we napped in the shade under a tree for a few hours.

Tivoli park is awesome, really big too but we had walked so much that day so we didn’t explore too much. Next time we will! In the park, we discussed how awesome Ljubljana is and how nice of a city it must be to live in. It really surprised us and I actually preferred it to Prague. It’s very up and coming, so I suggest you go there soon!

We had a reservation for 6pm at Julija restaurant back in the centre, so headed there and dined alfresco. We both had seafood. I went for the grilled seabass and Cameron took the grilled squid. It was really fresh, light and just what we needed after stuffing our face with burgers and icecream. It was also a good idea to not be uncomfortably full before the long journey home.

After Julija, we collected our suitcases and caught the GoOpti to the airport. Even the journey to the airport boasts incredible mountain views! Even from INSIDE the airport, the views of outside were stunning. Damn Slovenia, why you so nice?!

Overall, I fell in love with SLOVEnia! I think one weekend was plenty of time to see a mix of the lakes and also the centre, but we definitely want to go back!

I hope you're inspired to visit Slovenia, thank you so much for reading! Feel free to leave a comment below, or email me at majicaltravels@gmail.com for any questions.

H xx

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