Sardinia…I’ve watched you for quite some time now and wanted to see you for myself. 2017 I was going to make it happen. And I did. I went on this trip with my boyfriend Cameron, my brother Erik and his girlfriend, Laura and also my parents. We hired two cars, which by the way is a MUST if you want to explore the island, or at least the area you are staying in. I did my research and heard that Costa Smeralda and the North and East of Sardinia were beautiful. I have no doubt that the South and West is too.

We found a place in San Teodoro, which was only half and hour south of Olbia and also close to all the beaches of Costa Smeralda. It also wasn't that far of a drive to Cala Goloritze, which was on my bucket list (tick!).

We arrived pretty late to our home in San Teodoro and so headed straight to bed! The next morning, we headed into town for some groceries, sat for breakfast, then went to La Cinta beach.

We’d seen so many pictures of this place and couldn’t wait to see it for ourselves. Let’s just say, Sardinia is beautiful – so no wonder every beach was insanely busy! Even the widest, largest beach in Sardinia, La Cinta. It is perfectly breezy, with white sand and shallow clear aqua water, great for playing ball games. However, breeze on the beach in 38 degrees is dangerous! Make sure to regularly top up your SPF protection as you can't even feel the heat of the sun!

That evening, we couldn’t wait for our first meal out in Sardinia. We headed to da Nardino for dinner. The portions were of high quality AND quantity. Yum!!

The town of San Teodoro was really charming, with plenty of market stalls, gelato shops, tourism agencies and more.

After dinner, we had ice cream at Il buon Gelato. They offer sugar free & lactose/dairy free ice-creams as well! Yay! Although it didn’t’ help to make my trip any more healthy haha. Oh well, my motto is to get healthy and fit before holiday, then just enjoy yourself! Let yourself eat whatever you damn please, sorry abs.

The next day we headed up north to Liscia Ruja beach, also known as Long beach as it is the widest in Sardinia. It was lovely and not too busy. The water was so clear and great for snorkelling, once again it was shallow enough to walk out/play ball games.

I must admit, the one thing I disliked about Sardinia is the amount of beach dedicated to private sun loungers, charging crazy prices – I sometimes felt like they were placed on the most desirable area of the beach. Kind of ruins the ‘natural’ feel of a beach. There were also lots of sellers constantly approaching you to sell you towels, watches, sunglasses and I completely understand that it is their job and their way to earn a living, but they would bug you all day and some wouldn’t leave or stop even after you had said no at least 5 times. I’m more likely to buy something when I don’t feel forced. Any who!

On the drive back from Liscia Ruja, we found a cheap supermarket in Olbia called Conad which I would recommend! The other one Dettori is very expensive. We found Sardinia generally quite expensive, so we packed sandwiches for lunch, or had leftover pasta from dinner.

We had dinner at home that night and an early night to prepare for our next big day to Cala Goloritze.

We set off at 7:30am from San Teodoro, drove for over 2 hours to Su Porteddu bar near Baunei and then hiked for 2 hours, arriving at Cala Goloritze at midday. This trip is not for the faint hearted! I’ve written a separate post about this day with plenty of tips and instructions. Click here if you’d like to know the ins and out of Cala Goloritze, supposedly the most beautiful and secluded beach in the whole of Sardinia. Also one of the hardest to get to – but so so worth it.

The next day we were defeated! Literally zombies. We slept in and had a big family breakfast. No one felt like driving anywhere so we strolled (or rather, dragged ourselves) to the closest beach, Spaggia Isuledda, which was actually quite lovely and had beach facilities such as a beach bar/restaurant – it was nice to have a nice beach so close by! In the evening, me and Cameron explored the nearby beaches and sand dunes and took these:

On Saturday, it was our last day all together so we drove to Cala Brandinchi beach to enjoy a sandy beach in the sun. I read online that it resembles the Caribbean – it really did! I just love the feeling of walking into the sea when your feet touches the sand. I’m more used to pebbles in Croatia.

As it was our last evening before my parents left, we went out for dinner in San Teodoro. Before this, Cameron and I took some snaps.

This time we tried Ristorante L'Artista. It is a bit out of the centre, but wow. The food did not disappoint. It was absolutely amazing! We all shared our plates and were stuffed by the end of it. The seafood pasta and grilled fish were delicious. I still dream about that meal.

On Sunday, we had a reservation in Olbia Town at the Domus Olbia Inn, but check-in wasn’t until 5pm so we headed to a beach near Olbia, Porto Istana. The original plan was to rent a boat at Cala Gonone and return to the amazing Cala Goloritze via boat, but it wasn’t great weather for it.. and it showed at the beach! The water was choppy and full of seaweed, but thanks to the onshore wind, it was perfect for sunbathing. My camera was in the car this day, but I purposely didn't bring it to save it from sand.

We headed to our b&b for check in and were welcomed by the very nice host – our room was bright aqua and reminded us of the seaside.

It was our only evening to explore Olbia, so we showered, got ready to head out. We booked Dolceacqua for 8pm so we still had some time to walk around.

The Domus Olbia Inn was in a great location, so we walked to the town centre and were pleasantly surprised by Olbia. The main high street was surrounded by narrow alleyways, and the buildings were painted in bright and cheerful colours.

After exploring and becoming more familiar with our surroundings, we headed to Dolceacqua for dinner. It was a very intimate and romantic setting. As we’d eaten in most nights and lived off sandwiches for lunch, we went all out and ordered a first course each and a second course each. One word. WOW. The food in Sardinia just got better and better.

The service was also wonderful. We had to refuse dessert, because although we were so full and satisfied, no day in Sardinia should end without gelato! We walked off the food and checked out the market stalls. We also window shopped for shoes (as it was Sunday night, although Olbia town was still very lively!) and noted down where to return the following day.

We went to L'Arte Gelato for gelato on the way home. The gelato scoops were huge! Yum. I felt so happy and content in Olbia. Yes, food makes me so happy (and of course, beautiful Sardinia).

We headed back to our room and had a fairly early night as we needed to check out the next morning at 10am.

At the Domus Olbia Inn, a breakfast buffet was included and consisted of croissants, breads, jams, honey, cheese, a toastie maker, teas, coffee, water and orange juice. So good! We enjoyed our breakfast out in the courtyard, where our table had been set up for us. We finished/loaded up on breakfast, and proceeded to check out.

Luckily, we could store our suitcases at the b&b as our flight wasn’t until10pm (or rather, delayed to 10pm, thanks EasyJet!). The weather during the previous week reached 37 most days, but luckily temperatures lowered to 29 for the day we would spend in the city (still so hot though!). We were bags free and headed into the centre – we explored while it was still early and got some nice shots.

We found the shoe outlet store that we were peering into the windows of the night before, called ‘Michele Lopriore - Milano’. Omg. So many espadrilles, pumps and sandals on sale. I loved the look of these Jade slippers with the white spiked sole.

Cameron got them for me as a gift – sweet! They were 39 euros, down from 50. I really recommend a visit to this shoe store. You will find unique designer shoes at great sale prices. Ladies only – sorry gents!

All the shopping and walking worked up quite an appetite.. ha! We searched for a good pizza place online, because it was a damn crime that it was the last day of the trip and I STILL hadn’t had a pizza! We went to Giro’s pizza which was actually close to our b&b and also a park. I had a great idea to get takeaway pizzas and have them in the park on such a gorgeous day. The pizzeria was so cute, it was record and music themed, with pizzas named after famous musicians. I had the Patti Smith with extra pesto and Cameron had the Janis Joplin.

I am not lying when I say it was possibly the best pizza I have ever had. Honestly, the restaurant may not have the best appearance, it had more of a take away vibe. But never judge a book by it's cover! It had its own style, vibe, concept and flavour too. I mean, the pizzas were named after musicians! How unique is that? The people were also very friendly and gave us a knife to cut our pizzas in the park. They insisted we could keep it but we obviously gave it back (partly because you can’t bring that shit through airport security haha). So, we sat in the shade in the park and enjoyed our pizza and coke, trying not to think about tomorrow at the office..bleh!

One more gelato in the town at GAP and we bid farewell to sweet Olbia and the beautiful Sardinia. (Completely blocked all the travel delays and the 4 hours sleep before work from my memory…!)

Thanks so much for reading. I hope my images and experiences have inspired you to go to Sardinia! If you have been, let me know what you loved about it in the comment section below! Or email me at

H xx

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