April 24, 2020

I've been to Italy a few times now and every region is so different from the other, but everywhere is beautiful. Puglia is located in the 'heel' of the boot shaped country and is somewhere that had been on my list for a while, and it did not disappoint. I went with 3 o...

June 13, 2019

Mykonos is somewhere I've always wanted to go (along with many other Greek islands). I think I’d always put off visiting as I'd heard its very expensive and touristy. When I visited, I didn’t want to stick to a backpacker's budget. For me, it was a place where I dreame...

July 29, 2018

I'd been to the Amalfi Coast before, but it was a school trip so it didn't really count. I'm sure I don't need to explain my reasoning for visiting again. It's one of the most beautiful places in the world, not to mention one of the most popular tourist destinations of...

March 4, 2018

We'd been waiting for this trip for so long, it feels like such a dream now looking back. I never really considered Sri Lanka, but I'm so glad we went, and I'd love to go back. Only a 10 hour flight from London, it's a perfect sunny escape from winter - we visited in F...

December 28, 2017

To continue my blog series on Dalmatia, this post will focus on Tučepi & Podgora which are situated to the South of Split and near Makarska.. places you're more likely to have heard of. Tučepi (Tu-cheh-pee) in particular is a place very close to my heart. I've bee...

September 17, 2017

We spent 6 days in Lisbon, so I decided to split my blog post into two, just so you don't get bored ;) If you missed part one of my Lisbon blog, check it out by clicking here!

On day 3, after Pena Palace we took an Uber to Cascais (which is back towards Lisbon). This wa...

August 3, 2017

Cala Goloritze is arguably the most beautiful beach in Sardinia. It's also one of the most difficult to reach. In this post I'll be sharing my tips on how to get there!

When I first found out about this place, there was no question. I had to go. I was excited to discove...

July 22, 2017

Sardinia…I’ve watched you for quite some time now and wanted to see you for myself. 2017 I was going to make it happen. And I did. I went on this trip with my boyfriend Cameron, my brother Erik and his girlfriend, Laura and also my parents. We hired two cars, which by...

July 7, 2017

This year, we decided to escape the crowds and explore Northern Croatia (Istria) for a change. It's also close to Slovenia, where we spent our last weekend (post on Slovenia coming soon).

We were here for 12 days and after plenty of research, decided to split our trip i...

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